Drive to store

Our multi-channel solution allows you to attract customers to your point of sale from any device (web, mobile, tablet, touch screen).

Generate sales

The game with a purchase obligation is an excellent tool to improve your conversion rate.

Your products and services are highlighted to deploy greater activation levers while guaranteeing a result on investment (ROI) of marketing campaigns.

In addition, our multi-channel solution allows you to encourage players to visit your physical store after being exposed to a digital campaign.

Online traffic

The advergame allows to attract attention on your website and incites the Internet users to stay there longer.

This allows to develop considerably the retention rate, a visitor will be more inclined to stay on your site if at the time of closing the page he is offered a game with a promotion or a gift to win.

Create engagement

Advergame is a great way to create engagement and loyalty with a playful aspect.

It allows you to capture attention and effectively communicate a message by generating interest and enthusiasm.

It is also a great way to animate and develop your community of fans and followers on social networks like Facebook, Instagram or Tik Tok.

Collect data

With the advergame, it is much easier to address a target audience and generate interest in a playful and attractive environment.

This step is obligatory in order to validate a player's participation to the game.

New leads

The advergame is an excellent way to generate new leads.

Indeed, it allows you to present your company and your products in a playful and interactive way.

In addition, you can collect valuable data on your visitors and promote the sharing of your content and sponsorships.

Build loyalty & federate

Build loyalty and federate your audience around your brand or an event.

Loyalty is built by offering participants exclusive content, giving them access to previews, offering them gifts, etc.

Through the pleasure of winning, gamification stimulates consumer engagement and encourages them to intensify their purchasing habits.


Advergames allow you to communicate effectively with your target audience and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Talk about your brand and your products in a more subtle way than a simple advertisement through the game.

A great opportunity to talk about your brand on social networks.


The advergame makes it easier to get a higher opt-in rate.

Players will be more likely to agree in exchange for gifts.


Encourage your customers to submit reviews in exchange of gifts or promotions on your products.