1st meeting

During this first phase, the principle is to have a general idea of the game and the intentions.

This brief will allow us to determine as precisely as possible your needs and to make highly qualitative proposals.


2 weeks

3 creative proposals are presented to you as well as a solid argumentation to allow you to understand the research work done upstream: graphic style, game mechanics, user path, animations, ... everything has been thought out so that the visual identity conveys your brand values.

Script writing - Graphic design

2 weeks

A direction will be chosen and developed according to your recommendations.

A realistic document will be sent to you to allow you to try the game and to communicate us the last adjustments before the development phase.

Graphic design - Technical development

1-2 months

This is the longest phase. Your project is now defined, the development and testing stage follows to guarantee an operational and secure game.

All the teams are mobilized to produce everything that must be included in the game from A to Z.

Technical development - Operation

2 weeks

The day of the official release of the game.

The game is available in all the targeted countries and according to all the criteria established during the previous phases of the project (translation, contents customization, gifts, access administration, etc.).