Games of skill

Games of skill are games that consist of manipulating objects according to specific rules.

These games can be played alone or with other players.

Skill games are generally classified by difficulty level, which allows players to progress at their own rhythm.

Instant win games

Instant win games are games where participants can win instant gifts.

For a contest, winners are selected at random and receive their gift within a few days.

Blind test

Can you recognize the artists of these songs?

During a blind test, participants must identify an artist or a communication campaign from a sound, an image or a slogan.

This allows to test the notoriety of a brand, but also its capacity to stand out from its competitors.

Sports games

Surf the year's sports events with the most popular sports games like soccer, tennis, basketball, rugby, etc.

Thinking games

Thinking games are games that use the player's intellectual abilities.

They can take many forms, from word games to mathematical puzzles to strategy games.

Memory games

Memory games are games that use a player's memory skills.

They can be a great way to relax and enjoy yourself, but also to stimulate your brain.

Among the most popular memory games is the memory game.

Racing games

Racing games focus on speed and competition, rather than story or character.

Players must travel the longest distance while collecting bonuses and avoiding obstacles along the way.


Test your participants' knowledge on various topics with a series of questions and multiple choice answers.

To win, they will need to score a maximum of points.

If they answer more than 8 questions correctly, they will be considered an expert.

Advent calendar

The advent calendar is the main game of the end of the year and also, a recurring rendez-vous which allows to win many gifts.

The principle is simple, you just have to open each day a new box to discover your surprise.

It can be a promotion, a product, tutorials and exclusive content related to the brand.