The deployment of a video game is the action of making a game available to the public in one or more languages.

The translation of a video game is therefore the adaptation of the game in another language than the one in which it was created.

With Bfeeds, take advantage of your collaborators'

Detailed statistics

The detailed statistics allow us to track the evolution of the audience and the activity of the players.

The data collected is anonymized and aggregated to preserve player privacy.

With Bfeeds, easily measure the performance of your campaigns with detailed statistics in real time.

Managing your content

The management of your content is essential for the deployment of your game.

Indeed, you must be able to manage all the content of your game (images, sounds, videos, etc.) in order to make them available to players in an efficient way.

With Bfeeds, you can modify all your content in real time in a few clicks and assign access to your team members in charge of the project.


Geo-targeting is a feature that allows you to determine where you want your game to be available.

You can target a country, a geographic area or the entire world.

With Bfeeds, easily adapt your content and app delivery to the geographic needs of your campaigns.

Applications management

Application management is the set of processes and tools that enable the development, deployment, execution, monitoring and updating of enterprise applications.

With Bfeeds, manage remotely the distribution and updates of your applications on any device of your park.

Mass deployment

The mass deployment phase is the last phase of the development cycle of a video game.

It consists in the release of the video game on the market.

With Bfeeds, monitor and distribute your applications on an unlimited number of devices and control their activity.